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Often when I am building a site I click through a number of the same pages making a number of the same changes to change a number of settings that are common. By creating a custom Install Profile we can expand on or change the basic settings of the site.

Drush Make is an extension for the wonderful Drush project.  We are going to look at how to use Drush Make to build the structure for our base site.

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This is an introduction to a brief series on improving work-flow as a Drupal site builder.  I will demonstrate a best practice for putting together a set of tools that will help you speed up your development process. 

Learning Drupal theming often feels like climbing Misery Hill, especially to people coming to Drupal from a front end web development background who know HTML and CSS but do not have experience with PHP or with Content Management Systems.  This was me, but it does not have to be you...

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 When a leading global technology meets a strong and dedicated local community good things happen.

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I am using Content Profile with custom CCK fields on my Drupal 6 site to create User Profiles.  I am using Panels 3 to handle the display of the User Profile Page.  This is a demonstration of how to use Views to Display related content on the User Profile Panel using Views Arguments. 

In this screencast I will demonstrate a technique using a Views attachment display to control the markup from views.

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The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit held in Seattle in October 2009 offers a new approach to a regional Drupal event for Drupal professionals.

A common requirement for many of my recent clients has been to move the "Read More" link at the end of a teaser inline to the end of the teaser's last paragraph. Here is a look at a technique for doing this I find useful.

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