Building a Sandbox

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I am in the process of moving to a new work laptop and I am going to write a couple of posts about what the transition involved.

My old work laptop was a Dell that served me well for almost 3 years, but the time had come for a new machine.  My new laptop is a Thinkpad W510.  I have only just received the laptop, but so far I am very impressed with it.  The hardware configuration is top of the line and the build quality is very nice.

I am going to write about how I set up my new laptop to be an lean mean development machine.  I spend my time developing websites with Drupal.  When setting up my new computer I need to set up two operating systems.  I like to develop in Ubuntu because I like open source software and the native command line is super fun, but I also need to use software that runs under Windows to do my job so I am going to set up a dual boot installation.  I could have also just installed Ubuntu and run Windows in a virtual machine but I prefer dual boot.  I am going to be following this guide on Life Hacker on to set up my dual boot system.  This approach sets up three partitions on my hard drive:

  1. Windows OS
  2. Ubuntu OS
  3. Files

With this setup I can share files across the different operating systems easily.  Following this guide was very straight forward and left me with the desired structure after just a couple hours.

I am going to write a couple of posts about the different configuration changes that needed to be done to get each of the partitions configured to my liking following the initial installation