Fretboard Journal

Relaunch of Custom theming and site architecture.

AHA - Custom Drupal Site and Theme

Complex information architecture and site construction for Affordable Housing Associates.

Stoneberg Design - Ubercart Theming

Custom Ubercart theming for Seattle based Theo Chocolates.


Custom Drupal theming for the Seattle Center for Book Arts.

UPENN - School of Design

Custom Drupal theming for the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design.


Custom Drupal theming for NDN.

Margot Kahn

Custom Wordpress theming for author Margot Kahn.


Group Health Eyecare

Custom Drupal theming for the Group Health Cooperative Eyecare Division. 


Custom Drupal theming for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

Blog: Recent Posts

Installation profiles - automating basic site configuration to speed up development

Often when I am building a site I click through a number of the same pages making a number of the same changes to change a number of settings that are common. By creating a custom Install Profile we can expand on or change the basic settings of the site.

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Using Drush Make - building a base Drupal installation through automation

Drush Make is an extension for the wonderful Drush project.  We are going to look at how to use Drush Make to build the structure for our base site.

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Stoneberg Design provides solutions to your web presence needs. We provide the expertise and tools to execute your vision. 

Specializing in Content Managment Systems.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you manage your website with ease.  Gone are the days of calling the web guy to change the text on the website, with a CMS all of the content on your site is at your fingertips to edit in a web interface.


We specialize in developing Drupal websites.  Drupal is a leading CMS built on open source technology.  Building your website on the Drupal platform allows you to take advantage of the work of thousands of web developers around the world who are working day and night to keep Drupal on the edge of emerging web technologies and trends. 

Design, Architecture and Strategy.

We help our clients in many different ways as they approach their project.  We offer services to help you develop a strategy, architect your information and visualize it with a compelling display.  With expert developers and talented web designers available we can take your vision and turn it into a well executed and sustainable website.


Contact us today to talk about your project (206) 701-9361.